The Subscription Advantage Packs (SAP’s) are Here!!!

In this Blog I want to give you a brief overview of what they have included for “AutoCAD Products”. This includes AutoCAD Platform and its verticals (10 products total).
The Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2011 Products now provides new tools that extend the software to web and mobile platforms and enhance file sharing and conversion.
 (1st) AutoCAD® WS plug-in for AutoCAD software*

The Subscription Advantage Pack contains the AutoCAD® WS plug-in for AutoCAD software, which allows you to access AutoCAD WS directly inside your AutoCAD software. AutoCAD WS is a new web and mobile application that enables you to stay connected to your DWG™ files on any platform—from your desktop, from the web, or from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile devices.

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