To Vault or Not To Vault?

Should companies using or considering using Civil 3D jump in and commit to using Vault? Prior to Civil 3D 2009, the choice was more obvious for companies that Vault was something they should seriously consider. The new functionality that Civil 3D 2009 offers have people seriously considering NOT using Vault. What is this new functionality? Two things, actually:

1. new and improved data shortcuts and the way they are managed. The new way to access data shortcuts through the prospector makes it easy for users to create shortcuts and even repair broken links! Also, there is an external application included with Civil 3D for editing data shortcut paths.

2. this is my favorite one; the ability to label Civil objects through xrefs! Yes! Perform labelling tasks on Civil objects just as though they were actually in the drawing! This functionality is sure to change the way Civil 3D labelling is done.

When you couple this functionality together with the ability to share points in a survey database, the only thing that Vault can do that Civil 3D alone can’t do is versioning and project management. If your company decides they can get by without those things, then you probably don’t need Vault. This is not to say that Vault is not a good option. This is just to show that it is no longer the ONLY option.