I Can See it, But I Can’t Manipulate it!

This article is for those people that do work in the Civil industry but are using products like AutoCAD or Map 3D. Now that the 2010 versions are out, I wanted to mention that if you think you could be working with files that were created in Civil 3D or AutoCAD Civil, make sure that you download the Civil object enablers for 2010. The Civil object enabler can be downloaded from this location:

So are you out there asking, “Ron, what the heck is an object enabler and why do I need it?” If you are, then glad you asked! An object enabler allows users to have access to certain manipulation rights of objects created in Civil products. Oh great, can I edit a surface, build a profile or a corridor…………Hold your horses! If you could do all that, there wouldn’t be a need for the Civil products. No, you can’t get that kind of access, but what you can do, for example, if I had a drawing that had AECC COGO points in it that were created in Civil 3D and I need to scoot the text out of the way for clarity purposes, with an object enabler I can select the point label and move it without the point itself moving. Just as if I were in Civil 3D, the point label goes into it’s dragged state and adds a leader as seen in the image below. This image was taken from Map 3D 2010 with the object enabler installed.


The great thing here is that you can move the text around and don’t even have access to the grip that controls the coordinate location of the point itself! You can also do other things like move a profile out of the way and manipulate other types of Civil labels as well! Oh yeah, I forgot the best part. This is a free download from Autodesk! If you don’t download it, you can’t access this functionality.

Civil Infrastructure software is my main professional interest. Civil 3D, Infraworks, and Recap are what I work with mostly. I have been with CADsoft Consulting for over 10 years now. I got my start using Softdesk and AutoCAD R12 in DOS. My wife and I have four children and I am a die hard Red Sox fan.