Vote for Your Favorite Autodesk University 2009 Sessions!


Ron and I have been busy putting together some great new classes for this year’s AU. We would love your votes!

I want to thank the nearly 200 people who attended my Style-O-Matic class at last year’s AU. Even though it was the last class of the week, almost everyone who signed up stuck around for it and I got some great feedback. I’ve added to and improved this course for the 2010 product and created an additional version of Style-O-Matic for Power Users! I went through a bunch of my notes and projects this past year and tried to craft some topics that dealt with specific issues that I, clients, or colleagues ran into or topics that I defined a useful workflow for. I plan on sharing some very valuable tips to make your job easier!

To vote for sessions, go to the Autodesk University Session Selection page and log in using your AU Online username and password. If you do not have an AU Online account, it only takes 15 seconds to register as an AU Online member . Once you’re logged in, just click the links below to vote or search by speaker ‘Patrick Villella‘ or ‘Ron Couillard‘. Note that the search lists speakers by First Name.

These are the classes I’m offering at AU this year. Be sure to check out the other great classes as well! You can vote for 20 total. Hurry, the voting ends this Friday, May 8th!

  1. Log in
  2. Find the course you want to vote – searching by speaker, topic, or clicking a link below.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Vote button. Easy!


Civil 3D Presentations:

  1. Style-O-Matic 2010 – “Set It and Forget It!: Making AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Work The Way You Want It to Work (encore of last year’s class)
  2. Style-O-Matic PowerUser Edition’ – “Set It and Forget It! : Making AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Work The Way You Want It to Work (enhanced and indepth version of last year’s class, specifically for advanced users)

Presentations that include Civil 3D:

  1. Real World BIM Workflow – an In-depth Multidiscipline Approach with the 2010 Software Lineup
    – Includes Civil 3D and Hydrology Tools
  2. I Feel the Need…the Need for LEED! – 10 Easy Ways to Score Additional LEED Credits with Autodesk Software – Includes LEED credits for Civil 3D
  3. Stimulus Maximus – Growing your AEC business with Social Networking Tools and Web 2.0 – For civil firms, civil engineers, designers; anyone looking to grow their business or marketability
  4. Revit and Civil 3D Come Together for Site Design – Introducing the ADSK File Format – See how to use the ADSK file format in Civil 3D
  5. Artists Gone Mental – Harnessing Mental Ray for Vray Users – For anyone creating renderings with Civil 3D or 3ds Max
  6. A Bridge to Anywhere — How to use the Revit Structure Bridge Toolkit – Focused on Revit Structure, but uses Civil 3D as well

Ron Couillard submitted a total of 13 classes for Civil 3D and Map! He’s an AU animal! Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Tie a Grey-Striped Ribbon ‘Round My New Map Tree! – Exploring the Ribbon and other New Functionality in Map 3D 2010
  2. Labelicious! (Updated for 2010) Label This, Label That, Labeling Through X-refs is Where It’s At! – An updated version of his great class presented at AU 2008
  3. Beautiful Curves! Modeling Cul de Sacs and Intersections the old way versus the new way! – A great use of the new Civil 3D 2010 functionality

Be sure to look for the 10 other great classes Ron submitted up at the AU Voting Site. Remember, voting ends May 8th!

Worried that you may not be able to attend AU this year, due to the slow economy? Or maybe you are trying to make yourself more marketable in a competitive workplace? You can’t afford to miss one of my favorite classes to put together: Stimulus Maximus – Growing your AEC business with Social Networking Tools and Web 2.0 Learn how to really harness the power of these tools to get the job you are really after, or bring your company more business.