Understanding Performance Using Civil 3D

Let’s face it — Civil 3D (as well as most other Autodesk software) wants to use as much horsepower as you can throw at it. We see firms pushing the limit again and again, as projects get larger, more detailed, and our expectations of speed get higher and higher. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get the best speed and performance out of your machine, especially in regards to Autodesk Civil 3D, check out this great overview by Brian Kling, Global Technical Lead Civil at Autodesk. Some of the questions you may have wondered about will be answered, such as:

  1. When will Autodesk have a 64 bit version of Civil 3D?
  2. Is Windows 7 supported?
  3. I am upgrading my hardware —  what should I buy?
  4. My Windows Task Manager never shows Civil 3D using all the available RAM — why not?

Check out the video: