Service Pack 2 Tips and Info

Service pack 2 (or update 2 as it is called) for Civil 3D and Civil 2010 was released on  October 6. Here is a link to the Autodesk website  for the service pack:

A much anticipated service pack but it did present some interesting things with it. Not bad things, just interesting! First off, if you saw my previous post regarding the first service pack, you will remember that there was an issue where you could no longer go to the help menu to see which service pack you have installed. The figure below shows how “about Civil 3D 2010” looks without a service pack installed.

Civil 3D 2010 No Service Pack Installed

Great news! This latest service pack actually places an update in the “about Autocad Civil 3D” help file area! This tells you that with service pack 2 installed you are running Civil 3D 2010 version 3. Check out the figure below to see this:

This is a welcome feature compared to how it was before. We can now see that the service pack is installed so no more guessing which one we have. One intersesting thing is that when you go into the control panel, you will see as pictured in the figure below that it shows up as version 3 as expected but notice that it says that this update can not be removed. Interesting.


One last thing I wanted to point out about this update is that like many service packs in the past this one requires you to insert the install dvd. IMPORTANT NOTE: Notice in the figure below what the actual prompt is:


It prompts you to insert disc number 2! If you insert disc number 1 (which is how it mostly was in the past) you will continue to get errors and the service pack will not be applied. Another case where it is imperative to pay attention to detail.

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