Vista Won’t Serve My Civil 3D Licenses!

Do you have Flex LM installed on a Vista box and have tried to serve licenses and just can not? This has been an issue for some and I have a few things to tell you to look at to make this task possible. First, make sure that ports 2080 and 27,000 are not locked down and are accessible. The next thing (which really threw me for a loop) is the version of Flex LM that you are using. One of our client received a copy of a version of Flex LM that I have not seen elsewhere, version I was told that they received this from someone at Autodesk support. They sent me a copy and I have it so for anyone interested you can send me an email and request it:

When we replaced the version of Flex LM with this “new” (obviously, 11.5 is the new version) one, it served licenses with no issues.

So in a nutshell, the two issues were the security of Vista which is why the ports had to be unlocked, and the fact that Vista can’t serve licenses with the latest version of Flex LM.

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