Cut & Fill Hatching In Profiles

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 has some great new functionality in it. One of these new features is the ability to generate cut and fill hatching in profiles. The cool thing to mention here is that there is no need to create a proposed surface to be able to accomplish this. You do need to have a proposed profile along with a surface profile, but a proposed surface is not necessary. The image below shows an example of how this could look:


Some of us have created hatching but it comes out looking very generic; like vanilla ice cream! Ok, so if we go into the profile view we should be able to change the appearance of the hatching………..right? This profile hatching is actually controlled by a shape style. Obviously, since it is a style, this can be found on the settings tab under “general”, “multipurpose styles”, then “shape styles”. In my example I have 2 shape styles being used, “cut material” and “fill material” that are simply ANSI 31 hatches using red for cut and green for fill. You will see in the shape style dialog box that you can control hatch angle and scale as well.

Ok, now that styles are set up how do we first add hatching, and if we already have hatching, how do we change what it looks like? First, to add hatching, select the profile view, right click, and select “profile view properties”. Next, in the profile view properties dialog box, go to the “hatch” tab. Click on the “cut area” button as seen in the image below to populate the cut hatch area.


Be sure to double check which profile is set as the upper and the lower boundaries. If these are reversed, then cut and fill will be reversed. Now go over to the shape style value and choose the style you want to display for cut. Follow these same steps for the fill area and you should have cut and fill profile hatching that looks the way you want it AND is dynamic as well!

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