My Favorite New Feature In Civil 3D 2011

Civil 3D 2011 comes with many new features and functionality, but if I had to nail just one down and call it my favorite, it would have to be the data shortcuts enhancements. What are these enhancements? There are basically two. The first one, is the ability to specify a Data Shortcut project folder and then specify a folder which contains drawings to be associated with the selected project. For each drawing file, the project selected is associated with the drawing. This will eliminate the issue that many have complained about in previous versions of Civil 3D; the chance to create data shortcuts form the wrong project into a drawing. Great! This will work sort of like LDT used to as far as helping the issue of wrong project, wrong drawing.

The second data shortcut enhancement is the Associate Project To Multiple Drawings command. This new feature gives you the ability to associate a default Data Shortcut project to multiple drawings residing in a specific folder on. This new command can also be used to remove the project association from multiple drawings at the same time. Great new functionality that I am sure a lot of users will appreciate.

Civil Infrastructure software is my main professional interest. Civil 3D, Infraworks, and Recap are what I work with mostly. I have been with CADsoft Consulting for over 10 years now. I got my start using Softdesk and AutoCAD R12 in DOS. My wife and I have four children and I am a die hard Red Sox fan.

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