The Latest Subscription Benefit………….Subassembly Composer!

Being on subscription is not just about getting the latest releases of software. There are some great benefits that all users can take advantage of. One thing is that every year, Autodesk produces what they call “Subscription Advantage Packs” which provide additional functionality to the software that is only available to subscription customers. Cool stuff. They also provide other functionality here and there. The latest in this list is the new Subassembly Composer. This can be installed for Civil 3D 2011 and/or 2012.

The following list is taken directly from the subscription site listing the subassembly functionality for corridors with the Subassembly Composer:

  • Use geometric relationships to set and control subassembly points, links and shapes.
  • Create simple and advanced links including arcs, fillets, parabolas, daylight rounding and surfaces.
  • Create rehabilitation subassemblies with built in parametric characteristics that automatically adapt to varying existing conditions.
  • Set parameters that will be used to create corridor feature lines, annotation, and other model output.
  • Define shapes that will be used in corridor output including material volumes.
  • Define input parameters such as depth of pavement and super-elevation slope.
  • Define target parameters such as surfaces, offset alignments and controlling profiles.

So what are you waiting for? If you or your company is on subscription, get out there and download this composer! If you are not on subscription…………….why aren’t you?

A view of the interface can be seen below:

Subassembly Composer Interface

Subassembly Composer Interface

I’ll post more later on this after I dig in and get more familiar with it!

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