CADsoft Civil 3D Add-On Tools-The Pipe Editor

For those who have not seen them yet, CADsoft Consulting has offered Civil 3D Add-On Tools to expand productivity within Civil 3D! The price of these tools is the best part; FREE to all CADsoft Consulting’s Subscription customers! For more information about the tools and where to download them, check out this link:

For this blog, I am going to highlight one specific tool; the Pipe Editor. This editor allows users to pick one or more pipes by numerous selection options as seen in the image below.

Once pipes are selected, they can be edited all in a single dialog box either individually or all at the same time! For example, in the screen shot below, I have selected a pipe network and then selected the parts that I want to edit. Notice that there is a Rename Selected Pipes function as well which would work well on this example because we have pipes that skip sequential numbering. In addition, there is also a Save Selection and Load Selection option that allows you to save selected pipes as Pipe Runs, then load those created pipe runs as selection options.

This editor will also prompt you if the selected pipes will not create a continuous pipe run. Once the pipes have been selected, we can click the Ok button and the pipes are then loaded into the editor window as seen below.

Once the pipes are loaded, we can edit any of the properties listed here. But this editor is not only for the pipes! Notice that there is a tab for the structures as well! This is truly a one-stop-shop for editing he entire pipe network. For example, in regards to the pipes, we could go in and edit things likes slopes, part types, sizes, and inverts of our pipes. Additionally, if we click on the Structures tab, we can edit properties such as Rim, Sump, and Size as seen below. Also, once on the Structures tab, the connected pipe data can be seen at the bottom as well.

This blog was designed to give you an overview of some of the functionality that the Pipe Editor inside of the CADsoft Civil 3D Add-On Tools can provide you. Check them out at the link posted at the beginning of this blog.

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