Query This, Query That, Survey Queries Are Where It’s At!

Civil 3D 2013 has introduced the new capability of performing queries on survey items from the database. These new survey queries can be made for a few different reasons that can turn out to be valuable and time saving. One area that is a time saver is using a queries to build a surface from. New in the Prospector, under the definition of a surface, you will now see the ability to add points and figures to a surface from a survey query as seen in the image below.

The survey queries themselves are performed on the Survey tab of the Toolspace. As the image below shows, you can right click on Survey Queries and select “new” to create a new query, or, you can choose “add to surface” to select an existing query and apply it to a surface.

When a new query is selected, it can be saved for later use, previewed in the drawing to see what the query has identified, or it can be displayed in the editor for editing purposes. The image below shows the Survey Query Builder window with the options shown on separate buttons at the bottom of the window.

You can also see in this window that Properties, Operators, and Values can be entered as part of building the query. These Survey Queries are easy to build, easy to use, and can save some time for all the tasks they can be used for.

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