Collaboration; Civil 3D and Revit

I had done a post a while back on Civil 3D and Revit working together ( ) but recently more questions have been asked regarding the workflow of Civil and Architectural files working together. Which way do I go? Do I have the Revit people export out to dwg files or do the adsk file export? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each? Is there a reason I get 2D elements every time they give me files? Can they give me 3D elements?

In this blog I will briefly address some of these questions. Let’s talk about the files types first. When going from Revit to Civil 3D, exporting out to dwg or adsk files are the best options. If exporting to dwg files, the main complaint that I have heard is that the Civil 3D people are receiving 2D objects. This does not have to be the case. If the Revit user does an export to dwg from a 3D view in Revit, the exported objects can be 3D objects! Seriously! I have gone through this process myself, and I am not a very experienced Revit user! These items that can be exported could even be site contours if they are in the Revit model and all it takes to get them exported out as 3D objects is to do the export from a 3D view.

When it comes to the adsk file export, this gives you even more options when the dialog box comes up in Revit. In this dialog box, there is a Model tab, a Project Information tab, and a Site tab. On the Model tab, you can choose model elements to export out to include property lines, site model elements, and utilities to tie into. The Project Information tab shows project specific information such as the name, address, building type, and area data. The Site tab allows for the model to be located and tied into real world coordinates if desired. It has the ability to locate it using an internet mapping service as seen in the image below.

Based on this information alone, you can see that there is potential in getting exports out to Civil 3D users for importing into their projects. I will create additional blogs later with more information on this topic.

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