Infrastructure Modeler & Civil 3D – The Dream Team For Civil!

Civil 3D is an awesome tool for Civil Design as most people are aware of. But one combination of software packages that is becoming more and more of a great thing for Civil people is the use of Civil 3D and Infrastructure Modeler together. The power that each piece of software has is amazing in itself, but when used together can be, well, simply amazing! It used to be that you could come up with a great preliminary design in Modeler, but then would have to recreate the project in Civil 3D. Those days are gone! With the use of IMX files, designs can be either imported or exported to and from both Civil 3D and Infrastructure Modeler.

In addition to being able to “round trip” the data now, Infrastructure Modeler has some cool features that we can take advantage of to give models that “wow factor” and can really tell a good story visually. We can grab 3 models from the Sketch Up 3D Warehouse and create our own custom content for use within modeler. Take a look at the screen shot below. You can see a couple of custom cars that I brought in, and looking closely at the background, you can see a custom traffic / light pole as well as a sound wall that has a custom pattern on it.


Infrastructure Modeler can bring incredible realism as well as analysis to the plate. Additionally, with all of the data sources that Infrastructure Modeler can bring into it, the possibilities are numerous! Look for my next post where I will give some pointers on how to bring in some of this custom content!

Civil Infrastructure software is my main professional interest. Civil 3D, Infraworks, and Recap are what I work with mostly. I have been with CADsoft Consulting for over 10 years now. I got my start using Softdesk and AutoCAD R12 in DOS. My wife and I have four children and I am a die hard Red Sox fan.