Civil 3D 2015 Productivity Pack 1

Autodesk has just released its Civil 3D 2015 Productivity Pack and it has some pretty amazing features!

First, heres the download link in your subscription center

Now for the “whats this mean for me?”. Grab your coffee, its a big list.

The productivity pack consists of the following features:

  1. Ability for AutoCAD Civil 3D users to directly read Autodesk InfraWorks models for detailed design / production tasks
  2. Coordinate Geometry Editor utility that provides a streamlined process for point, line, and curve entry and balance
  3. Automated process for creating AutoCAD 3D solids from Civil 3D surface models and pipe networks

Open Autodesk InfraWorks Model (Yes…from Civil 3D!) 

  • Directly open Autodesk InfraWorks model  (Requires Autodesk InfraWorks 2015.3 to be installed), or open .IMX format file
  • Streamline process of setting AutoCAD Civil 3D coordinate system based on the Autodesk InfraWorks project
  • Control selection of model elements and stylization
  • Support for common Autodesk InfraWorks model objects including:
    • Planning surfaces, roads, utilities, water, and coverage areas
    • Design roads (alignments/profiles), surfaces, and intersections

Coordinate Geometry Editor: 

  • New user interaction that combines numeric input with real-time graphical feedback
  • COGO input including points, lines, arcs, and sideshots 
  • Closure analysis and ability to balance traverse using:
    • Compass Rule/Bowditch Adjustment
    • Transit Rule
    • Crandall Rule
    • Rotate and Scale to a Known Line 
  • Ability to create lines and points from geometry created in the Coordinate Geometry Editor 
  • Ability to save/open as traverse file that can be shared with others or archived

Create AutoCAD 3D Solids: 

  • Create AutoCAD 3D solids from Civil 3D surfaces
    • Fixed elevation
    • Fixed depth
    • Between two Civil 3D surfaces
  • Create AutoCAD 3D solids from Civil 3D gravity or pressure pipe networks
  • AutoCAD 3D solids can be used in downstream workflows including 3D printing and projection coordination