Software Asset Management (SAM)…….What is it?

You may have heard the term (SAM), or Software Asset Management before. You may have also heard some negative things about it. I am writing this blog to inform you of the positive aspects surrounding SAM and to also show you that there is no negative aspect of it. For those that perceive SAM as something negative, they generally feel that SAM is a way to report on companies that are overusing licenses or have pirated software. SAM has different stages involved in it and the very first stage simply involves asking for and getting a software report from Autodesk. All this does is provide you with what the Autodesk system states that your company owns. Plain and simple! There is no finger pointing or calling anyone out. It is just a report. If you want to stop there, that is just fine. The purpose of the report is to let you know what the Autodesk system shows that you own.

From there, if you decide to continue with the SAM engagement, you can go over the report with your SAM Partner reseller to review what you have and during that discussion, they can advise you on any changes they would recommend. After that, if you feel you would like some peace of mind regarding what is actually installed, your SAM Partner reseller can run an inventory software to analyze everything that is installed on your computers. This software will report back everything that is installed including all non-Autodesk software. Your SAM Partner reseller can go over the results of the scan with you. Next, your SAM Partner reseller will send the results to Autodesk to be compiled into a report and sent back. If issues are found, you will be able to work with your SAM Partner reseller to get them resolved without involving Autodesk. From there, once issues are resolved, you will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion from Autodesk and you will be audit free for at least 90 days. So, once again, contrary to what you may have been told or what you think, there is nothing negative about SAM.

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