Install Issue; Insert AutoCAD Disc 1!! Really?

Recently I attempted to install an AutoCAD-based product (Map 3D to be precise) on several machines. I only had one DVD of the install so I decided to copy the contents of the DVD over to a flash drive so that I could get more than one install going at the same time. Of course, the copying of the content went fine and everything seemed good to go; that is, until I tried to install from the copied content! Every attempt to use the copied install files resulted in getting a prompt to “Insert AutoCAD Disc 1”. If I cancelled the operation, it would stop the install. If I clicked “OK” it would keep prompting for the AutoCAD disc one. At this point, I just chalked it up to a bad copy over to the flash drive. I proceeded to download an installer from our Subscription site and figured that I would copy that over to several flash drives to help speed this process up. I was quickly amazed to see that, indeed the installer was running faster, but in reality, it was running faster to get to the same AutoCAD Disc 1 prompt from earlier! Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Are people with cameras going to jump out and say, “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera”? Well, as I discovered after some research, it wasn’t a joke, but I was amazed to see how simple the solution was.

Corrupted downloads or copied files? Nope. All that was needed, was for a simple line to be added to the setup.ini file. I could not believe this one! All I had to do was to add the following line to the file: USE_REMOVABLE_DRIVE=YES. Ok, things started to make alot of sense at this point (well, sort of). I now started to have a picture painted that showed, if installing directly from the media or installing from the download on the machine it was downloaded to, everything worked fine. Essentially, this setup file needed to be told that it was ok to be placed on and used from removable media such as flash drives! Wow! Below is a snapshot of the setup.ini file with the new line pasted into it and highlighted.



This simple solution did the trick as I was able to copy the installer over to several flash drives and complete the multi-machine installs very quickly. I have to admit though, that this whole thing made me wonder……….why wasn’t that line put in the setup.ini file to begin with? Oh well. Now I know what to do if I run into this again!


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