The Transportation Extension for Civil 3D 2016

As most of you know, Autodesk comes out with several add-ons for Civil 3D during the year. This year with Civil 3D 2016 is no different. Earlier in the year they released the Civil 3D Productivity Pack which gave us some additional functionality such as a Civil data translator for working with Bentley Civil data, an Earthwork Plan Production utility, and a COGO routine. More recently, Autodesk released their Transportation Extension. Before you jump to judgment thinking that “I don’t do transportation projects”, take a look at some of the functionality that this release provides.

First off, once it is installed, it resides on the Toolbox tab of the Civil 3D Toolspace as shown below.


Now let’s talk about what is actually in here. The first category is for reports. As you can see from the image below, there are several report that come with this new extension. Sixteen to be exact! Check them out. There are several new additions that will hopefully compliment the toolbox.


One report in particular that caught my eye was the Project Summary Report. When you right click and execute on this, a dialog box like the one below appears. You can specify different projects to run a report on and it will come back with point information, data shortcuts, external references, etc etc.


The rest of the routines in the extension look pretty cool as well. As shown in the image below we have a COGO routine to draw a Line by Direction and Distance. Under that we have a Parcel Properties Manager. This can be useful for applying properties such as styles to numerous parcels at once. After that there are 3 Survey tools. Finally, under Surfaces there are 2 tools that I know users have wanted for a while. First is the Quick Cross Section tool. This gives us functionality muck like what LDD had. The second tools is the Surface High/Low Points. This routine will create a Point Group for High points and one for Low points.


Check these tools out and see what you think!



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