Unofficial Fix To Getting SSA 2017 Installed Successfully

Prior to the official release of the 2017 Autodesk products, I downloaded and installed the beta version of Civil 3D 2017 which of course included SSA 2017. The machine I had was running Windows 10. Civil 3D itself installed with no issues. SSA on the other hand did not. It kept producing an error message like the one shown below. I tried running the install as administrator, disabling anti-virus, etc. etc. Nothing worked.


At this point, I figured, ok. I will just go to the msi file for SSA and try to install using that. Well, the same error popped up. At that point I decided that since it was the beta, I wasn’t too worried about getting SSA installed. I also knew that the real 2017 products would be out really soon anyways. The thing that was bugging me was that I had a coworker who was also running Windows 10 that had no issues installing SSA 2017 from the beta! If someone else could install it on a Windows 10 machine, then the issue obviously was not with Windows 10!

When the 2017 products were released, I decided to give it another shot. I started with Civil 3D on it’s own, and the same thing happened. When the Infrastructure Design Suites were released, I decided to go that route. No dice, same issue. At this point, I decided to reach out to someone I knew at Autodesk to see if they knew anything about this. Soon after, I got a reply with a work around. The following is the unofficial fix that I was provided. One thing to note is that a new .msi file was provided to me so if you need this fix, feel free to contact me at: so that I can send it to you.

Here are the steps to this work around:

1. If you have write access to the install files, replace the SSA Stand-Alone 2017 x86.msi with the new msi file (this is the file that I can send to you). It is located in the following directory (folders may vary slightly depending on operating systems)

For Suites: C:\Autodesk\IDSU_2017_Enu_Win_64bit_dlm\x86\Components\SSA

For Civil 3D: C:\Autodesk\Autodesk Civil 3D 2017\x86\Components\SSA.

As I said, these directories may vary a bit. A note from the developers is that the only difference with this file and the one that shipped is that this one ignores the return value of a regsvr32 call that is failing. This failure is why we were getting the error message.

2. Run the install again, and this time it should be successful.

3. Start a command prompt and Run as administrator as seen below for Windows 10.

4. In the command prompt, be sure to enter the following:

cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\AWA\Support\RealDwg2017”

regsvr32 cf2407.dll

If all goes well, a message like the one shown below should appear.

Dll-Register-SSAIn conclusion, the only issue was that if the dll file failed to register, it would abort the installation. The new msi file ignores that failure and allows the install to continue successfully.

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