Why Drones Are Becoming a Big Deal

Drones have become a big, big deal over the last few years.

We are seeing them everywhere in the forms of new, high-gadget toys for our kids to use by the military.

But the application of drones for the building and construction industry is also growing at a rapid pace. A recent report from Business Wire states that the global demand for drones in the real estate and construction industry will reach a cumulative market value of $20.5 billion.

The application of drones in our industry can extend to:

  • Marketing: aerial photos of your office, job sites, or for use in presentations
  • Construction: real-time photos taken every day of your construction site as it’s being completed
  • Architecture: as-built design comparisons to insure design intent
  • Engineering: safely explore difficult-to-reach areas, such as bridges, large facilities, and roadways
  • Agriculture: Assess your current and future production

At CADsoft, we have embraced the future of drone technology. We explore the complexities, legalities, and the practical application of drone imagery in design and workflow planning. These are exciting times and we are here to help you decide if drone scanning is the future of your business.