Now is the time to transition to subscription!

What is changing?

For Autodesk products worldwide, they are phasing out perpetual licenses of their software.

New perpetual licenses of Design and Creation Suites as well as several other individual products will only be available until July 31, 2016.

Autodesk offerings will continue to evolve to allow you to access multiple products and to share licenses as you do today. 


Why is it changing?

Subscription offers a simplified customer experience, lower upfront cost, and the ability to pay for Autodesk products and cloud services for the amount of time that is right for you: monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year plans.

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Your subscription follows you, not your device, making it easier to access your software and stay up-to-date.

Providing a choice of subscription plans with flexible packaging and licensing options protects the value of your investment and delivers a seamless path forward as we discontinue the sales of perpetual licenses.


What is Autodesk doing to ease this transition?

  • Giving the time needed to assess options and make plans by providing ample advance notice of changes to come.
  • Allowing maintenance plan customers to continue to renew their plans and receive the associated benefits.
  • Making Autodesk Account the one place to manage all products, plans and services.
  • Providing the ability to lock in the subscription rate with multi-year subscription and maintenance plan offerings.