CADsoft Consulting Launches New Website

Tempe, AZ; May 26, 2016 – CADsoft Consulting, a proven leader in design and construction technology services, is excited to officially launch its new website after months of preparation.

The new mobile-enabled website, designed by CADsoft’s marketing team with input from valued customers and the entire CADsoft team, capitalizes on the latest and greatest user experience trends in navigation, functionality, and content. The different features of the site also align with CADsoft’s branding as an advanced design technology service company for the AEC industry. Each individual element, such as “Professional Services”, “Training,” and “Solutions,” elaborates on how CADsoft Consulting helps industry experts harness this technology to better equip themselves for growth.

“We created this new website with the knowledge that our customers are looking for relevant and valuable information when they need it and where they need it whether on desktop or mobile devices.” said Mary Macdonald, Director of Marketing for CADsoft Consulting. “We are committed to ongoing updates to ensure CADsoft is always transparent in the presentation of our solutions, services and training to help organizations better prepare our customers for evolution in their industries.”