CADsoft Consulting Tech Experts Certified FAA Pilots

Tempe, AZ, June 9, 2017 – CADsoft Consulting, a proven leader in design and construction technology services, is proud to announce that two of their technical experts, Rick Chappell and Justin DeVore, are now certified FAA pilots. This prestigious certification enables them both to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and teach others how to fly them as well.

Chappell and DeVore employ UAVs to collect geospatial data for complex CAD model generation. These 3D models replicate every aspect of a natural environment, right down to the smallest details. This data is the antidote to the many challenges companies run across when trying to complete projects that take into account large spaces of land.

As official experts in flying UAVs, DeVore and Chappell head CADsoft’s UAV training courses. Through these courses (UAV Pilot Preparation, UAV Mapping Flight Operations, and UAV Data Processing), they teach engineers the ins and outs of drone flying. These vital lessons include laws relating to UAV flying, flight practice with drones, and converting drone mapping application data into engineer applications.

“Our clients have long struggles with producing picture-perfect models of landscapes and other environments,” said Tim Duncan, President of CADsoft Consulting. “Our UAV scanning services and training courses will equip them with the models and skill sets they need to complete projects with  accuracy.”


Mary Macdonald
CADsoft Consulting, Inc.