BIM Execution Plan

The first step is always the hardest. That’s why BIM planning has so many details and different steps. Your project won’t succeed unless every procedure, role, and objective in your BIM execution plan is clearly defined.

CADsoft Consulting’s technical experts specialize in helping AEC firms curate BIM projects to succeed. After BIM consulting, our team can map out a plan that takes into account the goals of the project and the capabilities of your team, maximizing value and efficiency.

See the Project Plan from Beginning to End

Take faith in a comprehensive document that details the execution plan from beginning to end, prepared by one of our BIM specialists. This document defines the goals that BIM will help accomplish, the individual responsibilities that each team member will hold and fulfill, the ways in which each part of the project will be executed, and any missing resources that are needed in order to successfully implement BIM.

Prepare Your Team for the Future

Enacting BIM at your firm might require a massive technological overhaul. It sounds intense, but one of our BIM specialists will investigate your current process inside and out to determine and implement updates to software, hardware, and modeling content. The result? All the tools you need to carry out the project at hand for a massive payoff. Best of all, you’ll be better prepared to take on similar projects in the future.

Communicate and Collaborate in Real Time

Keep discussion current at all time during project execution with a live BIM document. Talk with your team members in real time to complete project phases more efficiently and overcome any hurdles that pop up along the way.

Share Data With all Stakeholders

More collaboration means greater transparency. Get access to all the BIM data you need, whether you’re a designer, project manager, or a contractor. Better yet, share your own pertinent data with all stakeholders to ensure the project stays on task.

Quality Control for Quality Execution

Prepare project deliverables with a rigorous quality control check before they are submitted. Our BIM specialists devise reports that consist of all necessary revisions to be made.

The quality control check includes:

Visual Check

Interference Check

Standards Check

Element Validation

Let’s hatch a new strategy together. Talk with us today to arrange a BIM execution plan that will equip you with stronger project deliverables and a stronger project team.