BIM Manager on Call

You love BIM, you’ve heard the success stories, and you’re ready to use it to tackle large-scale projects. But it’s still new territory for you and your team, and you don’t feel 100% confident diving right in. Our BIM Manager on-call program hooks you up with one of our highly sought-after experienced BIM experts who will guide you every step of the way during a project.

Move over hurdles fast and get your questions answered quickly. You are the future of the industry’s success. We just help you along the way.

bim manager on call

What Our BIM Manager on-Call Does for You

  • Assists in setting company objectives and BIM adoption processes
  • Provide ongoing strategic development and tactical support for full BIM deployment
  • Establish quantifiable design characteristics of a project in order to share the information across relevant project teams
  • Develop standards for materials, equipment and systems, and develop project templates, maintain/manage content creation, and perform drawing audits
  • Evaluate emerging software and technologies and recommend changes to BIM workflow, where applicable
  • Develop BIM Execution Plan to ensure that BIM requirements and expectations are clearly communicated and set for all consultants and team members
  • Create and maintain template files (RVT, DWT) to include standards
  • Manage Autodesk Account Center and ensure the latest software builds and any valuable extensions are installed
  • Establish and recommend workflows for design and visualization teams to ensure that high quality visuals can be efficiently created from BIMs
  • Install and maintain Revit Server for remote file collaboration
  • Research and evaluate Citrix and other virtualization technologies and their application to Revit and BIM workflow
  • Advise and educate team on proper set up of projects, file organization, linking structure, shared coordinate location, etc. to ensure optimal workflow
  • Coordinate with consultants and other disciplines to ensure good BIM communication and project collaboration
  • Perform training sessions to ensure that all staff is knowledgeable on best practices and recommended workflows

Your BIM manager will work in regular blocks of time, on site at your location. The minimum block of time for an engagement is 4 hours, but we recommend full-day blocks, if possible, as this provides you with the most convenient access to our BIM experts. The frequency of the visits is up to you and your firm. Some of our current clients utilize us once a week, while some have us come on-site more frequently when a project is just kicking off

bim manager

Work Smarter; work with an expert

Learning new ways to work and build the world can be tough. It’s a lot easier with an experienced specialist by your side who can make sure you do it the right way.