BIM Standards

The foundation of a strong BIM workflow is proper communication among all teams involved. BIM functions as a shared resource of all the data available about a building, and it requires consistency to stand as a proper live representation of a project. When we create BIM standards, efficiency and shareability are our top priorities. You save time, money, and confusion, and you stand better prepared to face sudden changes in projects.

Interoperability Across All Departments

Putting standards in place phases out inconsistencies in workflows and barriers between different departments. We provide the adhesive that keeps all of your departments on the same page. We guarantee maximum interoperability through:

  • Reliable access to data for all team members.
  • Smooth data exchange between team members.
  • Consistent data standards.
  • Adaptable standards that can change with new software implementations and technological progress.
  • Exchange of data between different types of software.

Cut Costs With Efficient Processes

Poor communication delays the whole project. Mistakes get made, your team has to start over, and you lose millions of dollars in all of the commotion. Standards in place for data exchange streamline communication by letting all team members view the same model and its details in real time. All departments can see how the project needs to progress going forward and who does what, closing the gap that leaves room for mistakes and misinformation.

Don’t suffer any longer from wasted time and money. We can establish BIM standards today to smooth your data exchanges and organize all your departments to help a common goal.