CAD and BIM Management Services

CAD and BIM systems are essential for producing the best projects that attract new clients and successfully running an architectural or engineering firm. Managing and maintaining these solutions can require a large amount of time and take your project team members away from billable work. Unfortunately, if you ignore things like templates, guidelines, or the deployment of key software updates, the team cannot work quickly and professionally.

CADsoft Consulting’s CAD and BIM Management Services enable firms to focus on their core business, without using valuable internal resources, while benefitting from senior talent that offers immediate access to industry best practices.

Benefits Include

Why CADsoft Reason

Increased operational efficiency, which leads to increased revenues and decreased costs.
By proactively managing services, firms minimize and eliminate potential problems before they occur. CADsoft Consulting services also maintain and improve hardware and software system performance levels.

Why CADsoft Reason

Reduced costs, including HR overhead and administration.
By leveraging CADsoft Consulting’s technology experts, firms enhance their work environment and processes. The expense associated with managing CAD and BIM systems decreases and HR doesn’t need to get involved with hiring staff to handle these tasks.

Why CADsoft Reason

Greater profitability, as lasting changes are made to the CAD and BIM environments.
CADsoft Consulting implements meaningful and lasting changes to clients’ CAD and BIM systems. These changes result in more efficient work processes for project teams, as well as more billable hours, since employees are no longer diverted to manage the technology infrastructure.

What We Do – Our Process

Every CADsoft Consulting client is assigned a project manager who is responsible for delivering and coordinating CAD and BIM management services. These professionals maintain communication, track issues and resolutions, and ensure that tasks are performed according to schedule.

We can be the primary CAD and BIM Management resource for organizations not wanting to devote a valuable employee to manage CAD or BIM, or we can provide assistance for in-house BIM and CAD managers when there’s more work than can possibly be handled.

CADsoft Consulting’s CAD and BIM Management Services are designed to be flexible and scalable, and they can be scheduled either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to fit your business and/or project size.

CAD and BIM Management Services Testimonial

“ CADsoft Consulting helps us resolve all of our software issues, and it doesn’t stop there. Our CADsoft Project Mentor has an intimate role in our business practices, and I see that continuing into the future. With our mentor onsite weekly, I can focus on thought leadership as it relates to our BIM practices, while CADsoft helps document, optimize and mentor our team in the use of those practices.”
~ Kyle Swanson, Director of Operations, Arrington Watkins

  • Workflow and process analysis, planning and development
  • Standards development
    • CADsoft Consulting’s experts leverage their industry knowledge and help organizations establish CAD or BIM standards and styles that streamline work and make deliverables more consistent
  • Content creation, such as standards documentation and styles development
  • Software licensing configuration and deployment services
    • Network licensing optimization
    • Creation of deployment images
    • Software deployment updates as service packs, updates, and hotfixes
  • Software support
    • Highly trained technical support specialists accelerate response times and issue resolution
  • Hardware support
    • Printer and plotter configuration and support
  • IT augmentation and asset management
  • Customization and application development

Project Team Assessments

  • Project team kick-off involvement
  • Project Team consulting and mentoring
  • Bi-weekly CAD conference call
  • Lunch-n-learn presentations

If you’d like to learn more about improving your team’s efficiency, contact us today. We are ready to discuss your requirements and recommend the CAD and BIM outsourcing services that will best meet your unique needs.

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