GIS Manager On Call

Visualize, analyze, and interpret data to uncover patterns, relationships, and trends. Fix potential problems before they happen. Track and manage work space and equipment.

A GIS (Geographic Information System) lets you see your data as detailed geography. You have the opportunity to use mass amounts of data for design. A GIS manager on call can help.

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CAD/GIS GAP Analysis

  • Evaluate coordination, staffing, policies, partnerships, and management.
  • Evaluate network, CAD, BlM, GlS, engineering, and database processes.
  • Review corporate software integration strategy.
  • Identify market opportunities for web mapping, GIS services, 3D visualization, and BIM modeling for your company.
  • Develop and articulate objectives, initiatives, and a vision for your mission.
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CAD/GIS Design and Implementation Support

  • GIS program organizational development.
  • Modeling and design of GIS databases.
  • Support for GIS database development and integration.
  • Design and development of GIS applications.
  • Development of CAD and GIS policies, standards, and best practices.
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Project and Program Review

  • Independent review and evaluation of existing and new programs and projects
  • Recommendations and briefings for program and project improvements.
  • Review of program/project scope, schedule, budget, and performance measures, and identify adjustments or opportunities for improvement.
  • Technical support to management and technical staff of CAD and GIS technology.
  • Support as GIS coordinator for current and future projects.

Make smarter decisions, communicate with your team clearly, and keep better records while saving time. GIS can become a keystone of your business, and a GIS manager on call can see to it.