Scanning to Design Ready Data

Municipal governments and infrastructure engineering companies face a variety of unique challenges in capturing the built and natural environment for project purposes. Traditional methods require travel over active areas to complete the work, which can be hindered when safety conditions come into play. This can be an excruciatingly slow process. Plus, the larger the project area and the more difficult the terrain, the longer it will take. In addition to increased man hours, these manual efforts frequently delay the start of actual project work.

By contrast, surveying via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or ground-based 3D scanning can collect high-density geospatial data for large-scale, complex entities in a short period of time. The data collected can be processed and made available to engineers back in the office quickly. This enables engineering firms to save money up front and throughout the design phase, helping to ensure that their projects come in at or under budget.

CADsoft Consulting’s Unique Difference:
Design Ready Data

Design Ready Data is raw reality capture data, gathered from high-resolution photogrammetry and point clouds during the 3D scanning of a built or natural environment, run through a custom process to create a file for architectural, engineering, and construction design software applications.

Our certified UAV operators control the process of data capture, analysis, and archival from end to end. Many of the processes involved with an aerial survey drone have been automated and are now available in an extremely compact method of delivery:

  • Up to 400 Acres / hour
  • 24 Hour turn-around
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional collection methods
  • Industry-leading 3cm of accuracy (survey grade)
  • Access maps from any device

In addition to UAVs, CADsoft Consulting utilizes 3D laser scanning to gather detailed built or natural environment information in a small fraction of the time needed to conduct traditional land surveying, decreasing labor costs and increasing the accuracy of surveying work.

At CADsoft Consulting, we take pride in ensuring our clients have what they need to make their projects successful: an end product that you can immediately use in your design software. That’s what we call Design-Ready Data (DRD). CADsoft’s DRD eliminates the labor-intensive and expensive methods of taking raw scanned data and converting it into usable design reference data.

Salt River Area Point Cloud and Topo

Area Point Cloud and Topo

Design Ready Data: AutoCAD Civil 3D Mesh/Model

Design Ready Data:
AutoCAD® Civil 3D Mesh/Model

We begin by stitching together the orthoimagery captured by our drone to create models for infrastructure and building projects. For civil designers, we start with the topography showing elevations and contours. For building, we show structural models of exterior buildings, bridges, and culvers. Both are then converted into point cloud data via various software products such as Autodesk ReCap to provide survey grade data. Most scanning services today stop there and provide you with massive amounts of point cloud data that you still need to decipher into usable information.

The data derived from the point cloud is what matters, not the point cloud itself. CADsoft converts that point cloud data into whatever format your design team needs, such as InfraWorks, Civil 3D, Revit Architecture, Map 3D, or AutoCAD.

The CADsoft conversion process will deliver Design-Ready Data back to you in less than two weeks for a fraction of the price of traditional methods. The timely nature of delivery guarantees that the data you are provided is consistent with the existing conditions of your building site and structure.

UAV to DRD is the future and WILL save you time and money.

Area Point Cloud

Area Point Cloud

Design Ready Data: Autodesk ReCap 360 Pro

Design Ready Data:
Autodesk ReCap 360™ Pro

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