Software Asset
Management (SAM)

What is Software Asset Management?

SAM is the process of managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications within an organization.

Our services address your what, where, and why questions about software licenses by providing clear visibility into your allocations, installations, and future needs. This process ensures cost savings, efficient access and compliance with your Autodesk software solutions.


Get insight into what licenses are installed, what licenses are registered, what licenses are legitimate, and what licenses are available for USE or an UPGRADE?


Find out where your licenses are being used, where you can optimize the deployment, and if you can deploy globally.


Get answers to why licenses may be out of compliance, why there are so many subscription contracts, and why are end-users asking for more licenses.  We can help.

Benefits of SAM

  • Grow revenue and improve profits by ensuring you have the best licensing models and latest technology.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of license compliance issues and ease response to potential audit
  • Increase your knowledge of asset installations, registrations, and expenses throughout your organization.
  • Reduce your overall long-term software costs by optimizing and centralizing your licenses and subscriptions.
  • Acquire valuable data to identify upgrades, subscriptions, and cloud-based offerings from your software providers.

Software Assets We Manage



CADsoft Consulting is an Autodesk-approved SAM Partner and available to help your company identify, optimize, and manage your Autodesk licenses.

Contact us today to get your what, where, and why answered by our SAM technical experts.

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