Valuable Revit Workshops

Presented by Steve Shell, Leading Autodesk University Instructor

steven shell
May 16, 2017


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Workshop 1: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Autodesk Revit Architecture Drawings and Presentations Look Great!

Good Looking Revit Presentation

8:00 am to 11:30 am

CADsoft Consulting Tempe Training Center

Cost: $250 per person/per workshop or $225 per person/per workshop if you register for both.


Lecture w/ Live Revit Demonstrations and Hands-on Lab

This workshop will you show how to get the most out of Revit’s powerful graphic features incorporating all of the newest features in Revit.

  • You will gain valuable tips, tricks, and time-proven techniques to make your drawings look great!
  • You’ll learn to enhance non-rendered presentations with out-of-the-box advanced graphic techniques and learn to visually improve trees, plants, and people used in Revit for all non-rendered views.
  • You will learn more about adding photo backgrounds to presentations and renderings using a unique overlay approach, adding fully controllable color or photo backgrounds behind multiple views, as well as tips for improving interior and exterior rendered views.
  • Learn how to use ‘old-world hand drafting’ techniques to add visual clarity to make your construction documents communicate seamlessly. Learn how to use surface shading, profiling, transparency, and toning techniques to create beautiful and clear drawings.

The following key learning objectives will be covered:

  • Explore and take full advantage of Revit’s powerful graphic tools and capabilities, which you may not have known even existed.
  • Use a variety of presentation techniques to help you develop your own artistic style.
  • Learn unique tips and tricks to prepare presentations more quickly and efficiently.
  • Learn old-school hand drafting techniques to make your construction documents communicate better and look beautiful.
  • Learn how to produce beautiful renderings and composited renderings using only Revit.

Workshop 2: Switching from AutoCAD to Revit

Switching From AutoCAD to Revit

1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

CADsoft Consulting Tempe Training Center

Cost: $250 per person/per workshop or $225 per person/per workshop if you register for both.


Discussion About Various Approaches, Training and How It Impacts a Firm, With a Hands-On Lab

As a group, we will share ideas, workflows, and techniques to help make for a smoother and less painful transition from Autodesk AutoCAD to Revit Architecture so that others may benefit from our successes and failures.

You may have heard that the only way to switch to Revit is to just dive right in and take the plunge.

There are options to this “sink or swim” approach. Can you afford to re-train your entire staff? Do you know who should learn (or who should not learn) Revit? This discussion will help answer your questions and address your fears.

We will share with one another how switching to Revit has affected our office, workflow, staffing, and efficiency. We want to hear about any unique ideas or workflows you have discovered to help make for a successful transition to Revit. We will hopefully share our personal experience, knowledge, and advice with anybody who is considering but has not yet made the move to Revit.

Together, as a group, let’s share how we all made the switch while putting some common fears and myths to rest.

Expect the following discussions:

  • Discuss and compare various approaches to successfully transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit.
  • Share ideas and workflows with one another that take advantage of Revit’s strengths while still retaining your AutoCAD-based production workflow and staff.
  • Who, really, should be learning and using Revit in your office?
  • Help others benefit from our mutual successes and failures.
  • Discuss and explore possible unique ways to integrate AutoCAD and Revit.

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About Steven Shell

steven shell

Mr. Shell graduated from the University of Arizona in 1982 and has had his own Architectural Firm in Tucson, Arizona for over 30 years. He has been using Revit Architecture exclusively for over 14 years and is the co-founder and co-chair of the Southern Arizona Revit Users Group and is professionally certified in Revit Architecture 2017.  He is an ongoing presenter at Autodesk University and has lectured at the University of Arizona and is an Adjunct Professor at Pima Community College.  He received the “Top Rated Speaker Award” at AU 2015, RTC-Europe in Dublin, Ireland and five BIM Workshops held in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Omaha, NB and Anaheim CA.  He has presented at the Central States Revit Workshop, Midwest University and 6 Revit Technology Conferences (RTC) events (North America, Canada, Australia and Europe) and he has been ranked in the top 5 at every speaking event.