3DR: UAV Technology

3DR specializes in UAV technology that supports businesses in data analysis, mapping, and 3D modeling for agriculture, construction, infrastructure, and ecological study.

Site Scan is a package of drone hardware and software that puts the ultimate reality capture and cloud analysis tool in your hands. Survey, scan, and inspect your site with automated drone flights, professional-quality images, and convenient cloud integration.

Sony UMC-R10C camera

Collect high-quality data with the first drone to carry with the industry-leading Sony UMC-R10C camera.

Site Scan Field

Use the iOS app, Site Scan Field, to survey your site with one tap or control the camera to inspect objects remotely.

Site Scan Manager

Export 2D basemaps or 3D imagery through Site Scan Manager, a secure web portal, for use in Autodesk products or your preferred GIS tool.

3DR Webinar: How UAVs are Changing the Surveying Industry