BIM 360 Team

bim 360 team

Stay organized and stay coordinated with your project team members at all times with BIM 360 Team.

Browser requirements

BIM 360 Team is compatible with most modern desktop browsers that support WebGL. Test your browser for WebGL support here: (The Adobe® Flash® Player may also be required to view some items.)

For the best desktop viewing experience, we recommend using the latest versions of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome™ version 29 or later
  • Mozilla® Firefox® version 31 or later
  • Apple® Safari® version 7 or later
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer* 11.0.9600 or later can show some design files, but still has limitations. We’re working hard to resolve this known issue. Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 don’t support WebGL, so they can’t show either 2D or 3D design files. They can only show non-design files.
  • Microsoft Edge

For the best mobile viewing experience, we recommend using the BIM 360 Team mobile app for iOS and Android.

Check to ensure that the WebGL feature is enabled. You can search the web for how to enable WebGL for iOS and Android.