Bluebeam Solutions

Meet the award-winning PDF-based workflow and collaboration solutions enabling technical professionals to go paperless, save time, improve communication and reduce project costs. Bluebeam solutions improve digital document coordination between project teams in the office and in the field, decreasing schedules by 40% and increasing productivity by 60%. Learn how Bluebeam can help you do what you do better.

Bluebeam Revu

Revu Standard 

Redline PDFs, save custom Markups, track annotations, integrate with SharePoint and ProjectWise, markup and manipulate 3D PDFs.

Revu CAD

Revu Standard + Create and batch PDFs directly from AutoCAD, Revit and Solid Works, create 3D PDFs directly from Revit, Navisworks and SketchUp Pro.

Revu eXtreme

Revu CAD + PDF form Creation, OCR+, Redaction, Scripting, Structures, Batch Link, and Batch Slip Sheet.

Revu Mac

Core PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities.

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Bluebeam Studio Platform

Revu’s integrated collaboration solution, Bluebeam Studio, helps global teams manage projects and work on the same PDFs in real time.

Bluebeam Studio

Free, cloud-based collaboration and document management included with every seat of Revu. Upload and share an unlimited number of files, or collaborate with internal and external project partners on the same PDFs.

Advanced Studio Options for Greater Control

studio enterprise

Studio Enterprise

On-premise server-based collaboration and document management. Manage user access (optionally via Active Directory), monitor activity, set default permissions to Sessions, Projects, and recover them at any time.

studio prime

Studio Prime

Cloud-based collaboration and document management with additional enterprise-level administrative functionality. Manage user access to Studio Sessions and Projects, download reports on Studio usage, access to the Studio API.

Bluebeam Revu Licensing Options

Perpetual Licensing

Revu is registered on a per workstation basis.

License Add-ons

Maintenance: Provides major version upgrades and premium support through yearly subscription.

Enterprise Portal: Allows a 5% overage of allowed seats and automatically releases unresponsive machines. ONLY available to customers with active maintenance.

Open Licensing

A cloud-based floating license system that allows organizations to authorize user access to Revu from a pool of shared seats. Open Licensing is an annual subscription and ONLY available for Revu eXtreme.