CAD Certification

The journey to CAD certification arms you with world-class design software education, hands-on experience with creating 3D models, and expert instructors who will guide you every step of the way. To be an Autodesk Certified Professional is to have an exhaustive understanding of how to not only operate design software, but also how to use it to solve the biggest challenges the AEC industry faces.

Get Recognized and Contribute to Work That Matters

Companies tasked with helping the AEC industry progress with new technology and standards entrust only the smartest and most credentialed individuals to work alongside them. CAD certification is evidence that you have the skills and the vision necessary to assist them in carrying out that mission. It also puts you in league with fellow professionals who have the same education, dedication, and foresight that you do.

CADsoft Consulting can put you on the path to becoming an essential component of the AEC industry’s future. We offer quarterly exam days, please email today, and we’ll send you the information to schedule an exam. You can also enroll in eLearning Plus for Autodesk Users to earn even more experience on your path to CAD certification, all from the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere else in the world.