Custom Training Programs for BIM

BIM is the future of the AEC industry, and you can’t afford to fall behind. Software advances, the future unfolds, and stakeholder expectations reach new heights. The software is available, but how do you incorporate it into your workflow? Our custom training programs for BIM address skill gaps and outdated workflows to get you up to speed with BIM and the opportunities it holds for you.

Learn the Right Way

Your projects and deadlines will only suffer if you try to learn important software commands through slow, frustrating guesswork. Our instructors assess your team’s proficiency with Autodesk software and create a custom training plan based on their findings. Your personal plan is guaranteed to boost efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Online Training

We provide eLearning for students unable to attend in-person classrooms. Learn everything essential about Autodesk software online. Learn about eLearning Plus.

Custom Training

CADsoft Consulting’s custom training plans align with your your individual employees’ education requirements and knowledge gaps. This approach allows for both flexible scheduling and budgeting.

Personal Guidance from World-Class Instructors

Our Autodesk Certified Instructors rank 95% or better in student evaluations because they provide in-depth training driven by their industry and product expertise.

Training includes:

  • Customized curricula to incorporate your models, data sets, processes, and workflows to demonstrate practical applications.
  • Group training that allows your team to train together for greater team efficiency.
  • Flexible training where it’s most convenient for you – at your facility, a CADsoft Consulting training center, or online.
  • Advanced training workshops
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Post-education technical support
  • Updated training for new releases or features on an annual basis

Let’s analyze your workflow challenges and determine a solution together to prepare your team for bigger, better, and more complex projects.