UAV Scanning and 3D Laser Scanning Services

The best 3D models aren’t produced from scratch—they’re produced from the real world. 3D laser scanning technology like terrestrial scanning and UAV scanning adapt the physical environment into digital models that replicate even the minutest of details. Our 3D laser scanning services employ the point cloud data generated from this process to create CAD models in a fraction of the time required for traditional land surveying methods.

Receive Models Created With All Angles

CADsoft conducts surveying via terrestrial scanners and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), depending on the size and scale of the project site. Both types of scanners are operated remotely and acquire data under even the most difficult and dangerous conditions. Areas unreachable by people are now surveyed with this scanning technology. Observe panoramic views of your site, whether from above, behind, or with a bird’s eye view.

point cloud overlay in infraworks

Point Cloud Overlay in Infraworks

Detailed RGB Point Clouds

Detailed RGB Point Clouds

Get Models With All the Details and None of the Errors

No matter the size or scope of the area you need to be scanned, laser scanning captures every detail of the existing site in thorough documentation. This is your reference to check throughout the evolution of the project to ensure consistency, correct problem areas, and plan for future changes.

Volume Calculations
Drone scanning

Cut Costs, Save Time, and Avoid Future Mistakes

The laborious trek across vast terrain is a thing of the past, and so are the tedious man-hours and hefty prices associated with it. 3D laser scanning collects high-density geospatial data in a small window of time, and without a team of people having to be on the ground operating it manually. The efficiency of this process saves you money you would otherwise be spending on old-school land surveyors and trial and error. Laser scanning is accurate in a way humans could never be, eliminating any margin of error that would otherwise be present.

Apply the Data to Any of Your Design Software Applications

Point cloud data is agnostic in file type, so you don’t have to compromise on whatever software you use to design models for projects. Run your file through InfraWorks, ReCap, Civil 3D, Revit Architecture, Map 3D, or AutoCAD.

If your land surveying processes are out of date, our UAV and terrestrial scanning solutions will produce cost-cutting, time-saving models that preserve the accuracy and reliability of your project outcomes. Let’s talk today about surveying your project sites the right way.

CADsoft Can Get You Started With Scanning

Hire CADsoft to:

  • perform drone or LiDAR scanning and deliver point cloud data
  • perform scanning and processing of the point cloud data delivering project data
  • perform scanning, processing, and modeling delivering to you design-ready-data in Civil 3D, Revit,  AutoCAD, or InfraWorks 360.
  • Purchase a turnkey drone system with instruction from CADsoft to perform your own scans
  • Rent a LiDAR scanner with CADsoft technician for terrestrial scanning